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Cocktails & Appetizers

An homage to Lesbian pulp fiction of the fifties. We eavesdrop at a cocktail party and from the swirly snippets of gossip construct a story of Max and Jesse falling into lust and love.

Mixed Greens

A do-it-yourself movie about identity, belonging, and the things we desire. A salad of forty-eight scenes tosses together two stories: four generations of Citron’s Irish Jewish heritage played against four decades of lesbian life in America, challenging our ideas of the rewards and price of assimilation.

As American As Apple Pie

What happens after the first kiss is over? A typical American love story about food, family, work, compromises, and adultery. Twenty-two scenes randomly accessed reveal a different trajectory of Cilla’s and Lucille’s relationship each time the piece is played. Along the way you learn how to make an apple pie.


Norma and Virginia lived together in Chicago for forty-five years. They died one after the other alone in their home, the vibrant lesbian community of their youth long gone. Leftovers explores the unforeseen trajectory of lives lived at the margins through the snapshots that Norma and Virginia left behind.
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